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Saturday night’s game did not start out the way Team Canada had hoped, Scrapyard International took an early lead with two runs heading into the third. The independent women’s softball team, based in Conroe Texas, dominated with hit after hit. Their pitching was hot, and from the get go you could tell that Scrapyard was out to win. It’s likely we could see these two teams face off again in tonight’s championship game, but first Canada will have to win their afternoon game in order to secure a spot in the finals. If we learned anything from last nights match, it’s that Scrapyard International is not going down without a fight.

Canada Cup Batgirls Steal the Show

There are 106 teams participating in this year’s Canada Cup International Softball Championship, and over the course of the 10 day tournament, each team is designated a batgirl. U10, U12, and U14 girls can sign-up to be batgirls; the job requires they attend all team games and practices, carry equipment, and assist players with water, but being a batgirl has become so much more then that. Karen Hefferland runs the Canada Cup batgirl progam, and in her 16 years of doing it, she says she’s never had so much interest in participating.

“The program has completely taken off to the point where I no longer have to go out and recruit. It’s become this amazing opportunity to be mentored and find real life heros in these incredible young women.But what’s even more inspiring is the feedback I’m getting from players and coaches, it’s not about what the teams are doing for the batgirls, but what our batgirls are doing for the teams at this tournament.”

Chloe Stewart has earned her spot as Team Canada’s batgirl this year. She first joined the program at the age of 10 and has been a valuable asset for the past five summers. This is her last year being able to participate and says what she’s going to miss most of all is working with the teams and all of the amazing athletes.

“The players are always so supportive, they even include me in their daily team warmups. It’s just really cool to be right there in the dugout with them, watching them play and seeing how they react to different situations. I then take what I learn and try to figure out how I would do that at my level.”

It’s really no surprise that the batgirls have been the talk of the tournament, they are some of the most hard-working, kind, positive, and enthusiastic young girls in the game.

Volunteer of the Day – Jodie Westrate

If you’ve stopped by the information booth on-site at Softball City for the Canada Cup this year, you’ve likely talked to Jodie Weststrate. Her warm smile and easy going demeanur make her the perfect person to talk to should you have any questions about the tournament. Jodie has been a volunteer for the past 2 years; she took interest in helping out because both of her daughters were playing in the tournament. As a former softball player herself, she has a passion for the game and says there’s nothing more satisifying then a good play or the crack of a bat. Her advice to the teams heading into the Championship games is to be ready for anything to happen.