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Visitors to Surrey, BC

The 2017 Canada Cup International Softball Championship is being held from July 7 - 17 at Softball City, Cloverdale Athletic Park, and Sunnyside Park in Surrey, BC. Surrey is currently the second largest city in BC and is conveniently located just north of the United States/Canada border and 40 minutes southeast of Vancouver.

Surrey contains over 600 parks, earning its nickname as "City of Parks". With its lush and abundant greenery and vast array of outdoor activities, it is no wonder it attracts people from all over the world. On top of the various outdoor activities Surrey has to offer, it also presents many indoor activities as well such as shopping malls and plazas, art galleries, museums and multicultural festivals and dining. The beautiful City of Surrey offers activities for all age groups and itineraries, and it is waiting for you!

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At the coaches meeting you stated that all teams would be treated the same and your word was held by all. My athletes were treated with the utmost respect and loved every minute of this tournament. They rubbed elbows with Team Canada, USA, Australia, etc. and those athletes took pictures, high fived and just made it a wonderful experience for my girls. Thank you!
Coach, Fleetwood Force 96